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The story of his win in Moscow at the height of the Cold War when he was exalted as a symbol of overcoming the fear and paranoia of the era with great art, has been oft told, especially over the last week as his life has been remembered and celebrated. Classical MusicOperaOpera. In many ways a typical Frenchman, Poulenc was undoubtedly one of the first openly gay composers with a fair few identifiable lovers. A self-described polymath, Stephen Hough is a highly regarded pianist, composer, and writer. Above all, his music has a gaiety — in every sense of the word.

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Despite that, the two became firm friends.

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The 10 Greatest Gay Composers: Mardi Gras Special!

Witty musical sidesteps add to his unpredictable charm. He was just always there but it was never really laid out clearly who this was. In a photo shoot inVass painted his body to look like a piano. Saints are a dime a dozen, but true art is scarce, and one could argue that Aaron Copland has changed the world for the better while Joan of Arc never changed it at all. See Grove get into another interesting costume for a Lyric Opera production in a video here.

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Menotti was once described as a combination of saint and devil, capable of great kindness, but at other times full of intrigue. Smith, his friend and manager who survives him. March 7, at 6: Twitter Facebook Google Email Print. Former President George W. When not touring, Racette and her wife, mezzo-soprano Beth Clayton, live in the outskirts of Santa Fe with their dog, Sappho.

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