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Since they were normally never exposed, it was a conversation I had never been approached with at a bar before. These events take special planning and extra staff to help with the additional foot traffic. One of the most basic elements that I didn't think about before getting inside was what I was going to do with my two most crucial items that any person would be lost without: Even the staff is in their skivvies. A number of them.

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From really attention-grabbing underwear to usually-covered-up tattoos, tap into those elements and make a new friend.

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OINK: A New Underwear Party

However, this is not the case. The winner of the evening was a wallet phone case that held cash, cards and their phone, all in one chic, magnetically-clasped combo. Like many things in life, the internal chatter of how you'll fit into a social event, or the fear of trying something new, will be your biggest hurdle of the evening. These events take special planning and extra staff to help with the additional foot traffic. Luckily, I soon discovered that there were all types of people to be found at this party. I lucked out and brought my close friend Kyle, an underwear party veteran who did nothing but make the experience more enjoyable. If it falls, you'll feel it.

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Your brain has been trained since childhood not to take off your pants in public. I didn't only find this impressive, but it showed me there was a real intent to create a safe environment for everyone and just because you were under-dressed, it didn't mean that harassment would be tolerated. I will be getting one of these. A number of them. And I suddenly felt part of it. Fortunately, I'm decently resourceful.

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