Supporting gay son

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His friends were nearly all girls and he always had unusual interests. Smith Pilgrim Press At the same time, they may actually want and benefit from talking to others or finding out more for themselves. With support and time to discuss their feeling and concerns they have been able to continue supporting their child through a difficult time. But putting it like this is unhelpful for at least three reasons. But, if you want to give your son or daughter the back-up and support they need, it will be important to get help for yourself and to counteract some of the misinformation that you will undoubtedly have heard or read.

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The Gender Creative Child:

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I think my teen might be gay and I don't know how to support them

Don't speculate about causes The fact is, nobody knows for sure what causes anyone's sexual orientation - whether straight, L, G, B, T, or something else check out Ed Shaw's article on 'Why are some people same sex attracted? Find out more about Family Counselling. Military Randy Shilts St. When individuals do come out they usually seek out the safest person or situation they can. Thank you for seeing and fighting for our trans loved ones. Point them to good support but don't avoid supporting them yourself This is a bit of a tightrope to walk!

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Find out more about the Parent Child Home Programme which Family Lives is bringing to the UK, working with families to improve the home-learning environment. It is true that for some people, same sex feelings are purely a feature of adolescence. Mar 10 - For example, True Freedom Trust, which I have already mentioned, also provides support for parents and families. Serious depression can ultimately lead to attempted suicide, and the risk of suicide is not something to be overlooked. But the way to do that at this stage is to show them the love of Christ. But more importantly, the problem with this kind of speculation and, again, it is speculation is that it takes the focus off your child and onto you at a time when the child needs you to be focussed on them.

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