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Retrieved June 29, Archived from the original on 25 June And since it is unconstitutional to deny equal civil rights to citizens, it is unconstitutional to deny to homosexual couples the right to marry. Thus the postal vote conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, which required no legislation. The recognition of same-sex marriage is considered to be a human right and a civil right as well as a political, social, and religious issue. Windsor case did not, however, address the constitutionality of DOMA Section 2, which allowed a state to deny recognition of same-sex marriages granted in other states.

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Archived from the original on April 26,

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Not satire: Tony Abbott helped make gay marriage happen

Same-sex marriage is not explicitly prohibited under Indian law and at least one couple has had their marriage recognised by the courts. Retrieved 8 September In NovemberParliament passed the Civil Union Actunder which both same-sex and opposite-sex couples may contract unions. Archived from the original on 30 September Retrieved 16 November

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Vanderbilt University in Spanish. And 75 per cent of votes in Warringah were in favour of gay marriage, a level of support eclipsed in New South Wales only by inner Sydney seats Wentworth, Grayndler and Sydney itself. In Aprillegislator Carlos Bruce received a petition signed by 10, people in favor of allowing civil unions for same-sex couples. The question behind marriage, in other words, is a structural one that precedes lawmaking. The law took effect on 1 March As of [update]the legalisation of same-sex marriage is not "under consideration" in the Philippines, though there has been some discussion of a possible ban on same-sex marriage, including refusal to recognize marriages performed overseas. Child emperor Elagabalus referred to his chariot driver, a blond slave from Caria named Hieroclesas his husband.

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