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Six Degrees of Separation, in some ways, shares a narrative pedigree with Guare's earlier and more overtly manic work, such as The House of Blue Leaves. John Guare's children are basedit seems, on real life people. Or perhaps some people are born to gull others. As the Kitteridges compare notes with other victims of Paul's masquerade, the legend grows and the story shifts from anger, to amazement, to giddy amusement, before turning suddenly tragic. I liked the concept of the six degrees of separation between human beings, but mostly the acting of Will Smith, Stockard Channing and Donald Sutherland. Still fascinating for its premise and worth a look; even this watered-down version never fails to entertain.

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But after the next couple of previews, I gained more confidence and had more fun.

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Pay close attention to the cracks that begin to form in the characters, and run your fingers along those cracks to the end, and you may find yourself caught up in a story with a star shaped meaning. Hampton was later arrested for leaving this message on Guare's answering machine: The main focus of the film deals with how this young man made these characters take a good hard look at themselves and the relationship they have with each other and their children. Or perhaps some people are born to gull others. A writer at the centre of one of the most elegant, entertaining, thoughtful and soulful tales to come out of Hollywood in a long, long time. For the rest of us, save your time and skip it.

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Buttigieg and Pritzker headline Equality Illinois gala. This was one of Will Smith's entries into film as well as one of the gifted Stockard Channing's finest roles. After playing a homosexual character in his breakout film Six Degrees of Separationhe was criticised for refusing to pash a male actor while in character. Guare, inspired by the bizarre tale, opened his play in to immediate critical praise. Her character was barely even part of the story. Highly recommended for repeated viewings.

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