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Get ready to listen to the most fascinating conversation about love, cheating and relationships you have ever heard. With thanks to special guest Nigella Lawson. When you think of a psychopath, you probably imagine someone like serial killer Ivan Milat. Georgia Love speaks to Mia Freedman about a year that contained the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. From writing kids books, to hosting parenting podcasts to acting in Round The Twist. But for Gold Coast model Bec Craven, it quickly became her reality. Chloe was mother to the three Heuston kids, then aged 5, 2 and 4 months.

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A few years into their relationship, Harry was diagnosed with dementia and his decline was swift.

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No Filter: Who All’s Gay Here?

And just a week after giving birth to her first child, Arnold, she flipped the usual post-baby-body Instagram selfie on its head. When couples therapist Esther Perel speaks to large groups of people about her area of expertise, sex and relationships -she asks the audience to raise their hands if their lives have ever been affected by infidelity. Find out more about the McGrath foundation here. No concept of time. But for Melbourne-based consultant Dianne McGrath, it just might become a reality.

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In a society obsessed with youth, Mia Freedman and Berkowitz tackle aging, body image, resting bitch-face, the patriarchial bargain, and the eternal question Mia Freedman faces: The term was practically invented for her, according to Mia Freedman. She was in love with a woman named Abby Wambach. I usually spend most of my week combing terrible online tabloids looking for the worst coverage of straight celebrities, and this week is incredibly savage. So Nikki did what she does best, and wrote about it.

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