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Iceman journeys back in time and meets his parents before he was born, and battles Oblivion and Mirage. As both speak, the adult Iceman confirms the fact and that he had put all his energy into just being an X-Man as he couldn't cope with being a mutant and gay simultaneously. This is so sad. He is also able to form exceedingly complicated structures within relative short time, such as miniature cities. Ultimate Iceman never had the snowman look of his counterpart, instead generating a flexible ice armor from the beginning. The younger Bobby is especially shocked by the older Bobby's Omega level powers, like creating ice golems, and especially his future "Ice Wizard" self in the Battle of the Atom. Believing he has achieved his full potential, Bobby does not attempt to develop his abilities further.

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They were pitted against a servant of Onslaught named Postin a specific battle area of harsh environment to test the extent of their abilities.

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Iceman (Marvel Comics)

I'll just say that it was a mistake and if the series made any sense whatsoever it was due to [editor] Bob Budiansky. You can help by adding to it. Launched in January, the comic recounted the adventures of ice-wielding mutant Bobby Drake as he navigated life as a newly out superhero. The character has been frequently present in X-Men and Spider-Man -related comicsvideo games, animated series, and movies. The Story of the Champions". Though the new Apocalypse was defeated, Cyclops seemed lost forever.

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Hopefully Iceman will continue to get laid in the new comic as well and we will see plenty more Iceman gay sex scenes. They, in turn, save him from the deadly kiss of Infectia. This team includes Roberta "Bobby" Drake, a female version of Bobby who is codenamed Aurion and displays ice-based abilities. Art by Carlos Pacheco. This paradox caused the events of the Age of Apocalypse. Does gayness really work that way? Blackbird Cerebro Danger Room.

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